Galactic Phoenix Wings

I have a strong desire to share the positive transformational effects that wearing a guise can have. By honoring the powerful medicine that resides within us, threw dance and joyful self expression,  we can reveal and release a deeper understanding of our spirit. Spirit loves to play, make your life's dance one that is so joyful that Spirit will delight in joining in your fun.

  Rainbow Flower of Live Wings- Wire and rod support 

Rainbow Flower of Live Wings- Wire and rod support 


Commissioning Wings of Your Own

Interested in commissioning a pair of Phoenix Wings of your very own? Send me a message below with a description about yourself to begin the process of channeling your perfect wings. This description can be as detailed or as vague as you please. After receiving your request I will use the information that you provide me with to sit and meditate with spirit on receiving the perfect vision for your specific energetic needs and strengths.  I will then contact you with the intention of sharing my vision with you and gaining any other insight or energy you are interested in integrating with your Phoenix Wings before I begin my work.

Things to consider when sending me your request.

Do not feel as though you need to answer all or even any of these questions. They are here to simply provide suggestions about things to consider when sending me your request. 

-Are there any particular spirit or animal guides that you hold in high regard in your practice?

-Do you have any specific Mantras, Poems, Runes, or Spells that you hold dear in your practice?

-Is there a specific card or archetype in the Tarot that you identify strongly with?

-What is your favorite color?

-Which of the 4 elements do you associate yourself with most?

-Which of the 4 elements do you struggle with most that you might be interested in taking on?

-Is there a specific energy or chakra that you draw your personal power from?

-Is there any specific energy or chakra that you are working on healing that these wings may be able to aid you in?

-Would you like to send me a song that you would like for me to draw inspiration from?

-Do you have a specific vision or experience that you would like for me to consider while channeling your wings?

Wing Support Options

  Personal Galactic Phoenix Wings- Wire only

Personal Galactic Phoenix Wings- Wire only

Wire only- This option means that your wings will be supported from hand to wing tip with sturdy yet flexible wire. I find that this option works best for those wishing to wear their wings for long durations since they are far more forgiving in their movement and ability to fit into any situation. The only downside to this option being that after years of use the wire can begin to become more and more flexible and might not hold the wings shape quite as well. I personally recommend this option despite this fact though because I prefer movement over stability, and even after 5 years of vigorous use, love the shape that my personal set of wings has. Your wings should and will age with you. 

Wire and rod support- This option means that your wings will have wire supports in the long feathers but that the main support from hand to wing tip will be a sturdy PVC rod. I recommend this option for those wishing to use their wings for specific performances but then wish to take off their wings afterwards. The rod provides greater support for keeping the wings shape but can be slightly more cumbersome in everyday use. 

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How much support do you want in your wings?


After I receive your request and have a vision ready to share with you we will discuss the cost for your personal set of wings. The price for a custom set of phoenix wings can range from $650-$900 based on the intricacy of the painting and construction involved.  

  Galactic Phoenix Wings- Wire Only

Galactic Phoenix Wings- Wire Only


My Materials

I believe in making products that are comfortable enough to wear for long duration's, and sturdy enough to withstand the most furious of dances, and the most hostile of weather. 

Painted Canvas is incredibly durable, and has the added benefit of allowing the wearer to have full control over the appearance that their plumage takes on. 

The wire that runs threw the tips of the longer feathers helps to keep them sturdy so that your feathers will not droop mid flight.

I have been known to wear my wings for days on end, only taking them off to sleep (if even then). Such rigorous use does usually require that I give them some love and rehabilitation afterwards (patching up loose seams, repainting places that have faded, cleaning with essential oils when rained on or muddy), But I have been wearing my wings for 4 years strong, and they only become more beautiful and more of a part of me with age.

These wings tie at the shoulders, so that the weight is distributed much like a back pack. You can take your arms out of the sleeves in order to have your arms full range of motion and the wings will stay securely attached to you, then when you are ready to take them out for a flutter, simply slip your arms into the sleeves, grasp the pole that supports the rest of the wing span and off you go!

  Raven Totem Wings- Wire and rod support

Raven Totem Wings- Wire and rod support