Welcome Home

In 2010 I attended my first Burn (Alchemy), and a few months prior I was struck with a overwhelming impulse to construct a set of wings that would be the beginning of a journey into a whole new creative process and the unlocking of a forgotten pool of creativity.

The shape of the wings I wanted to construct were inspired by a trip I had taken to NY in June of that year. I was wondering threw the Egyptian Exhibit at the MET and was repeatedly drawn to the imagery of Isis. 


For some reason that image had resurfaced in my mind months later while I was sitting at my desk at work. Following that image was a very comprehensive plan as to how I would execute the wings. The idea was instantaneous and unmeditated, a feeling I had experienced rarely in college and had completely forgotten over the course of working as a artist in a corporate environment over the last couple years. I had forgotten the importance of creating art for art's sake and in turn, forgotten a great deal of myself, the construction of these wings was a journey to awakening my inner fire.

While I knew what shape I wanted the wings to take I had no plan as to what colors they would be until I had finished constructing them. I had a number ideas for a color scheme but it was my best friend, Andrea's suggestion to paint them the best color of all...rainbow!

After I knew what color my wings would be a creature began to form in my minds eye, a rainbow feathered dragon. Images of Quetzecoatl then became my inspiration.


Once I arrived at the festival I was amazed with how many different interpretations people had for them, many said it reminded them of wings used in the native american Eagle Dance, something I was not familiar with at the time but now find breathtaking

I was called Raven, Eagle, Bird girl, even Turkey on occasion, but the most widely used name that I chose to take home with me was Phoenix. Once I had a name the feathered dragon I envisioned became more bird like and I began making a mask to complete the transformation.


I have utilized the technique and process that I learned to create this costume in more projects over this last year, and was so blessed to have friends wear my creations when we returned to Alchemy this year, but it is this Phoenix that I will always identify with most, it  leaped from the collective unconscious of so many different cultures and solidified itself in this reality, and I feel so blessed that I was able to be a portal for its manifestation.